Kevin James - Owner & Principal Photographer

I am an internationally and nationally published fine art photographer who specializes in a wealth of styles and themes. Throughout my life, I have always been an artist who dabbled in one medium or another. I sketched super heroes in elementary school, wrote fiction in high school, and was an actual art major for a time in college.

I have gone from embracing photography as a hobby to a serious and profound tool for my artistic expression. There is no single and defining reason why I choose to take photographs, but there is a single and defining reason why I take satisfaction in what I do. It is the challenge I place before myself to create something unique and visionary, creating photographs that become panels in a storyboard.

I am a storyteller who incorporates the human condition into my work as often as possible. One of the most gifted artists I have ever met, said this of my work:

"I mention the light and how you have mastered the ability to make it pour from the center of the souls of your subjects, but I didn't realize that there are stories within the compositions - I'm most humbled and impressed." -Lente Scura


Rachel Lauren - Creative Consultant

Rachel has established herself as one of the hardest working and accomplished talents in the industry. She has been published both nationally and internationally, proving to be a master of multiple styles and genres. Rachel brings her experience and creativity to our team to ensure the best product possible. Rachel is also an expert posing coach for all shoot types offered in our packages. For our boudoir packages, she will assist with wardrobe and makeup selection for our clients. Rachel also assists with concept designs for our creative shoot packages for both adults and children.


Freddie & Josie - Intellectual Property, Burping, and General Napping

Their professional reputation in the industry speaks for itself.