The Artistic Condition: Part Two (Photographer vs. Artist)

There is a lot to be reflected upon with regards to the artistic condition, but there is one philosophy I adhere to above all else. A photographer takes photographs while an artist creates images. The photograph is static while the image tells a story that can be timeless. In order to create an image, you have to be open to changing your perspective of what you see. Can this be taught? Yes and no.

I say yes because those who can see movement in an empty space are the ones who hunger to expand their imagination beyond conventional means. They will ‘see’ differently than most.

I say no because there are those who see things the way they are and find satisfaction in the static. They will not challenge themselves to create something that doesn’t already exist. These are not bad people at all. They are grounded and serve as a sounding board to those of us will continually ask, “What if?”

Kevin JamesComment