The Artistic Condition: Part One Of Many

I made the resolution to write more this year. It’s not that I am lagging behind, but more that I don’t know where to start. I want to write an extended series about the artistic process, but there are countless entry points. I want to cover shoot inspiration, location scouting, light, composition, and a host of other topics. Rather than spinning my proverbial wheels, I am just going to pick a topic and dive right in.

My style is all over the place. There is no rhyme or reason to how I shoot and when I shoot. I honestly have no dedicated ‘workflow’ of any kind. My shoots can go well, not so well, or end with me requiring medical attention (more often than you’d think). I’m completely self-taught and have been shooting for over ten years. During that time, I have created thousands upon thousands of images. Somehow, I still have the drive and passion to keep creating new worlds. I’m happy with what I have accomplished, but I promise you that I am just getting warmed up.

Stay tuned.

Kevin JamesComment